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Why soy?

The simple answer is because it is healthier for you, your family and the environment!



Soy wax:

  • 100% vegan - made from the oil that is extracted from a soybean and contains nothing artificial;

  • non-toxic - because it is made from only soybeans, it doesn't produce any harmful by-products, pollutants or unhealthy carcinogens;

  • burns cleaner and longer - soy wax does not release dangerous carcinogens into the air when melted and it burns up to 50% longer than parrafin candles;

  • biodegradeable and water soluable - made only from soybeans, they are naturally biodegradable which makes it much easier to clean out your containers or clean up accidental spills;

  • low melting point - when melted, soy wax is warm and not hot which means there is less risk of burns should the wax accidentally spill on your skin;

  • can be used as a moisturizer - pour melted wax onto dry skin, rub in and feel how soft your skin is. 

Soy wax vs. Paraffin_edited.png

Paraffin wax:

  • toxic - made from petroleum waste product which studies have shown it releases carcinogens and pollutants into the air when burned which can be a hazard to your health and the environment;

  • produces toxic petrol-carbon black soot - which can damage walls, ceilings, furniture, carpets and contaminate ventilation ductwork in your home;

  • burns at a higher melting point - which means there is a higher risk of burns should the wax accidentally spill on your skin;

  • if spilled -  is difficult, if not impossible to clean up on furniture or carpet;

  • less burn time - even though paraffin wax is cheaper, it also has less burn time than soy wax. 

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