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  • Can I re-use my candle container?
    Yes, absolutely! We can refill your candle container with any fragrance you choose. Just clean the container our with hot soapy water before you return it to us to refill.
  • How much does it cost to refill my candle container?
    We refill all our candle containers for 1/2 price of the original retail price. (extra charges apply if container is not cleaned out thoroughly)
  • Can the melted soy wax be used as a massage oil?
    Yes! Absolutely! Just remove the melted wax from the container and rub into your skin until wax is thoroughly blended in. (may take a bit longer if skin is colder than normal body temperature) Caution: be careful of the flame when removing wax from candle container. Flame is hot, wax is not. Always test a small area on the skin first to ensure no allergic reactions to product.
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