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Rub Wax WHERE??

Customers say the funniest things! lol🤣 They crack me up sometimes!

So, I was talking with a lovely customer the other day, explaining to her the benefits of soy vs paraffin candles.....was surprised that she didn't know there was a difference! But, we'll touch on that one later!

Anyway....I started to tell her that you can also use the warm (not hot) melted soy wax and rub it into your skin, and more specifically into the dry areas like your heals, elbows and feet. I don't think she was actually following the conversation (too busy smelling all the amazing fragrances) and then all of a sudden DING! the light goes on, she looked up with a confused look on her face and blurted out...."You rub the wax WHERE??" OMG too funny! I giggled holding in the laugther) and proceeded ...."Yes...Well, you can probably rub it anywhere you like, but what I said was.... ." And continued to explain where you can rub it!

To elaborate, for those of you who are not privy to this information...not only is soy wax a healthier choice for you, your family and the environment, it can also be used as a moisturizer...YES, that's right! A moisturizer. Soy wax burns at 102 degrees which is slightly higher than normal body temperature. This medium burning temperature allows you to use the melted wax to moisturize dry skin areas like your hands, feet and elbows. Melted soy wax is often used as a massage oil by massage thereapists (or your untrained hubby or boyfriend at home) to massage the whole body.

My favorite thing to do is to get my favorite "French Pear" me, one is always burning at home! And, about 1/2 hour before I jump in bed, I rub the melted wax on my hands, heals, and feet....I then put socks on and sometimes I even put white cotton gloves (yes, I know, I know...not the sexiest night look!) ....and in the morning, my skin feels and smells DIVINE! It's a great way to start your day and the luxurious fragrance will take you to that happy place! Try it!

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Fragrantly yours...


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